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Madison Race Report

Early 2015

Boy I would really like to do another Ironman. IM FL was not that fulfilling. Where can I take Judy and have fun?….. IM WI. that’s it. Cheese Heads, super fans, great activities, run through Badger stadium, lake swim and did I mention the volunteers?

Get a Plan

Rather than make up stuff along the way, I really should get a coach. I wanted a quality coach. Someone responsive. A winner and it would be good if they worked near Moe’s. Yes IM coaching based on burrito proximity. Win!

Start Training

Hit all my zones. 60% Carbs, 20 % Protein. Wake up O’Dark Thirty, ride every Sunday in San An. Cajole friends into riding with you. Hydrate. Swim with strangers. Repeat.

Pre-Race Madison

Great flight, get in early and start the race day process with Best Wife in the World Judy. Packet Pickup, eat ice cream. Practice Swim. Eat Peruvian Food. Get Bike. Eat Ian’s Pizza. Meet up with recently married David Tucker. Or as his friends call him; Tucker.

Race Morning

For me this is where doubts rear their ugly head so to clear my thoughts, I head down at 4:00 AM and look for Judy and friends for inspiration.

Christine, Jen, Anne and Janette are super-women. They are caring fans and so inspiring. Janette has a bionic heart, Jen has been there for us for years, Anne is a machine and Christina is pumped. I try to find Judy as she is dressed as a Shark and at morning bags volunteer but somehow miss her. Swim – OK I have been in the pool a lot this past year. Every set has been strong and every workout had meaning. But it just dawns on me, the last time I swam 2.4 miles was in this lake in 2012! IM FL swim was canceled and .. and…. have I trained enough? Aw snap! I Trained Enough – Whew. – It turns out that coach and plan payed off. I swam my best swim since 2012. While 2:08/100 is not Katie Ledecky, it gets me to the swim exit 1hr 30minutes! Victory.


OK this is where boy become men and women grow hair on their chest. It’s not the 4900 or so feet of elevation. Its not the constant change in elevation, its not even the massive grade at Barlow. Its all of it put together. Simply the hardest bike ride of my life. IM WI Post Bike I did make every hill without walking; thank you San An. I ate like a horse mostly because I saw horses eating Sunday and they eat a lot. And in case you want to poop your pants there is a scary clown coming at you from a cornfield. Go Figure. My ass is literally chapped and my feet are on fire. This is why I look so happy in this picture. Really happiness.


I was thrilled to be in comfy run shoes and not in my “en fuego” bike shoes. How far is 26 miles? Just 1 mile 26 times. kaboom-my-feet-hurtLong story story short, I was running great until blisters on my toes cropped up. I opted for many strong medium runs during training. This was my first post 14 mile run. Feets on fire. Oh well. That is why God gave us 10 toe nails; 6 to spare. Seeing Judy and Tucker was reassuring. I mean the 1000’s of fans screaming their heads off for a total stranger was incredible but to have Judy and Tucker there for your 16 hour day of power; priceless.

The Finish

And for those you asking, yes I was wore a 100% cotton t-shirt for an Ironman. It is a stupid idea. But all the chants and cheers and even a hug from a stranger made it worth it. The finish. – The best part of the training was knowing all day I would not fail. Endurance, nutrition and mental mojo just kept me moving. It was a celebration of your ability to push through hard things. To have to people support you along the way makes it all that much more special.